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We are Ninja Girl. Our core belief is that :

  • Most fashion products come from 3rd world and developing countries.
  • Many of these countries have a HUGE PROBLEM WITH WOMEN'S SAFETY.
  • We believe that through commerce we can make a difference.
  • We will donate 10% of profits towards Women's Safety in countries where our products are made.
India, where these bags are made, has an exploding women's safety problem. After the notorious "Delhi Gang Rape" the Government made many promises but the only change is that crimes against women doubled! Ninja Girl is actively working to get justice to the parents of the Delhi Gang Rape victim (the accused are still in the courts almost 3 yrs on). We are in touch with other victims too. We work to organize people in the fight for Women's Safety in events such as marches. Our goal is to eventually help contribute to women's safety all over the globe.  


Fashionable handbags with a purpose. Women's Safety is a huge problem around the world. In developing countries, it is an exploding menace and women with fewer resources continuously struggle to get justice. Ninja Girl will help women everywhere to fight back. We believe that through commerce we can help women get the justice they deserve, and we can bring a broader awareness to the issue at hand. Whether it’s street protests, police detentions, university marches, or meeting politicians, the founders of Ninja Girl actively work to help with Women's Safety. In times where a victim needs our services, we focus efforts to help obtain and/or sustain their safety and livelihood. All the while, we work at any expense to help them get a chance at justice. For every bag that you purchase, we will donate 10% to the cause. Currently we are working to create the non-profit organization SHE, to make sure your money is protecting women around the world. More information to come. Even if you can’t buy a bag, you can still be a part of the cause. Just tell someone else about it, share something on facebook, and spread the fire.  

Picture of Women’s Safety March organised by Ninja Girl’s founder on Aug 19, 2015, at Delhi University.

In India victims face a police and judicial system which is apathetic and slow. Society and politicians still blame crimes like rape on the woman! "It was her fault, she shouldn't have done ........". WHO CARES. NOTHING GIVES ANYBODY THE RIGHT TO ATTACK A WOMAN.

So here comes Ninja Girl. We donate 10% of profits towards Women’s Safety in countries where our products are made. Please see this video about our most recent progress:

We are a branch of my original company Homespice Decor (www.homespice.com) which has been in business since 1998. At the time I founded that company we had no such problems but today the world seems to have deteriorated and it's time we do something to make it a better place. Wish us luck!