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3rd Year Remembrance of The Rape


Where to even begin sharing with all of you the events, experiences, emotions from December 16th through the 22nd…

December 16th was the 3rd anniversary of the Delhi Gang Rape.


And a bunch of famous people with big names and big agendas came out to show their support for Women’s safety. But they each quickly left after their 2 minute allotted speech time and even avoided direct questions about their support. I don’t mean to be angry, that doesn’t help the Cause at all, and atleast they were there and their names and faces got the issue of Women’s Safety some extra coverage, so I am grateful for that. But I just wish they would actually do more. Roll up your sleeves and get down into the trenches with us!!! That’s what I wanted to scream as others were applauding. “We need you all to rally the government with us, we need your administrative support, we even need your money to keep the fight going!” That’s what I was thinking. But still, I felt thankful that they were there because we had a huge media crowd because of them! And ultimately the more coverage the fight for women’s safety gets, the more it stays in the public’s mind and the more it reaches the ears of the govt and the powers that be.


The most memorable words spoken today were by Nirbhaya’s mother. She used her daughter’s name: Jyoti Singh.

In India, a rape victim’s name is kept confidential because the crime is considered a shame to her family and therefore they don’t release the name. “Nirbhaya” means fearless; this is a beautiful word to represent her but the govt. gave her this name. Her real name is Jyoti Singh, and today her mother told us to call her by her name as they are not ashamed. The perpetrators are the ones who should be ashamed

And that it definitely did it! Nirbhaya’s remembrance was on every channel that night. The discussions were passionate and there was a feeling again of provocation and awakening!


The juvenile in the Nirbhaya rape case was set to be released on Dec 20th and energy was starting to be ignited about the case again. I have to take a break now to get my thoughts together to describe the next few days…


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