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Another Peaceful Request

Another Peaceful Request

Now that we have rested a few days after our first win of the passage of the Juvenile Justice Bill, we are now back together on the 29th (this is the day Jyoti Singh actually died from her injuries inflicted on the 16th of December) to remember Nirbhaya. We meet at the black marble platform of Raj Ghat. This is where Mahatma Gandhi was cremated in 1948.  It is an open air memorial with an eternal flame burning in remembrance of the Father of the Nation. We thought this a relevant place to have a moment of silence for the women victims of violence in India. We also announced our next plan in the fight for Women’s Safety. In 1 month, we want to see Fast Track Courts happen at the higher judicial levels.


What happens here is that violent crimes are “fast tracked” through the lower courts, but then sit at the higher court levels for YEARS. So for instance, the surviving 4 adult perpetrators of the Nirbhaya case are officially uncharged, and sitting in a local jail.

What message does this give others who might be capable of such unspeakable crimes? It screams that NOTHING will happen to you. You will get a slap on your wrist, and that’s all. This is unacceptable.

We are demanding that these outrageous crimes be prosecuted on a fast track…all the way through to the supreme court!




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