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A Laptop Computer for Nirbhaya’s Parents

A Laptop Computer for Nirbhaya’s Parents

Through the help of social media we were able to get Nirbhaya’s parents their own laptop computer today!! What’s even better is that we were able to pick up at a recent trade show we did in Atlanta at the Americasmart.

We had posted on Facebook that our friends needed to help us and sure enough one of them, Jenny Vaswani, volunteered us her old laptop. How sweet of her and what an amazing power of social media.

What does that mean for our fight for Women’s safety? CONNECTIVITY with more supporters! Uncle and Aunty (how we address Nirbhaya’s parents out of respect) have never owned a computer. They were always doing their campaign through word of mouth and physically available supporters only. Now with a computer and internet….can you imagine how many people their message they can reach!!

We were always happy to do social media posts on their behalf and reach out to the contacts on their foundation list, but now they are empowered to do so much more for themselves! AND with SKYPE they can connect to the whole world.

So once again, a HUGE thank you to our supporters! We are humbled by what all you help us do.

Just for you, here’s a Skype picture of Uncle multitasking with us…. Skyping and talking on the phone!



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