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Nirbhaya Case -Update from the Supreme Court of India

Update from the Supreme Court of India

It has been 15 months since any legal action has taken place towards achieving justice for Nirbhaya. The case was stuck in the Supreme Court, meaning after one high court ruling and appeal, nothing further was happening. So we have been petitioning for “Fast-Track” court hearings for extremely heinous, violent crimes. We are posting on social media, writing to government officials, and overall, creating a buzz about our plans to start protesting in the Delhi streets again to get this done. It worked with the Juvenile Justice Bill; we are ready to have it work for Fast Track Courts as well!

So just this Monday there was a hearing for her case. And believe it or not, Nirbhaya (the rape victim)’s parents were NOT ALLOWED IN! They have not been given a “permit” to go inside and know what’s going on with their daughter’s case. They were left outside, waiting on the lawn of the Supreme Court, while their daughter’s rape and murder case was going on inside!! (watch this clip and see!)


Well, nonetheless, the stir caused by us about restarting protests has created some positive results. The Supreme Court has decided to hear the Nirbhaya case twice weekly until it is resolved! (This is the way the system works here). Though so much of this is BEYOND frustrating, atleast something is happening….slowly but, I hope, surely…


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