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Bringing Smiles to a 7 Yr Old Rape Victim

I was haunted by a recent article about an 8 yr old who was raped by 4 men !!! What the heck!! What is this world coming to.

As I checked the internet 2 days later there was no further mention of this story. I realized this girl had been “lost”; lost to media, lost to more important events, lost in time. Since she was barely 1 – 2 hrs away from me I went and hunted her down.

After 6 hrs I was sitting next to her in the hospital. I don’t have words to express the feelings I felt; it’s probably better I don’t go into those. But here she was, in a white painted hospital room, in a white gown, her mother beside her and 7 other people in this shared room. Nothing to do all day but to stare…

So I decided to go buy her a toy. Over the next few days we got lots of toys. She started smiling as soon as she saw her first teddybear. Her smiles grew bigger each day and now I am her buddy.

Sometimes the system does not look at victims as emotional creatures They are just items, maybe for medical samples, physical injuries, legal processes. But NO, they are humans and need emotional support and healing.

This is the first time I ever dealt with someone as young as this. I am happy I could make a change in her life.

We have gotten enough support for her legal needs, and thanks to our bags I am not worried about getting her all the support she will ever need.

Happy to be able to make a change.


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