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For every bag we sell, we will donate 10% to women’s safety initiatives in the country the bags were made. We are bringing awareness and raising funds for efforts to protect, serve, and provide justice for victims of violence against women. Currently, we are serving victims in India, the very place that the bags are being created. While violence against women is a horrific issue going on around the world, it is particularly rampant in India. A violent crime towards women happens every 22 minutes in India and the perpetrators are not being prosecuted in a timely manner, sometimes years pass without resolve. Rather than seek justice for these women, the authorities are turning a blind eye. It was obvious to us that our focus needs to start here. Your purchase will help strengthen enforcements of laws to protect women and their rights. Our founders aim to help a global community, and as Ninja Girl grows, so too will our efforts. And for every 10% we give, it’s another step towards ending violence against women.